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black mamba karma review

black mamba karma

So recently I got in a few bags of some blends I have never tried. One was Black Mamba Karma. It came in a green plastic pouch and there was a snake the Black Mamba on front. The sealed pack ensured the freshness as the product hasn’t been tampered with from the factory.  Upon burning this is a moderate amount, heavy waves of euphoria envelope your body, along with a nice heady feeling too. I really enjoyed it because it seems to focus more on the body. The amount of relaxation and the absence of any anxiety at all, make this a good blend for beginners, or more seasoned folks like me. I liked it, and it’s one of the very few I would spend money on. Effects lasting from the 45min – 1 hour mark.

Strength: 8/10

Aroma: 7/10


  1. Haywire

    I also tried black mamba previously and very much impressed from it. So decided to try black mamba karma and I must say it is very good to try once.

    1. Kiru

      yeah, both black mamba are too good.

  2. Gulfraz

    I did purchase this once from an on line store i won’t be using again because of the price, but this smoke was kind of good from what i remember. The structure of the leaf was fine and the smell i think neutral (unless i had a cold). The smoke of this product i would say was just under strong, sort of a strong mild leading up to a stronger effect. the all around experience was very good, i felt relaxed with no worries on the brain and i would say this in terms of potency would be a generous 8 out of 10. The effects last a good while but keeps you busy as well, its not a case of hit and drop, but hit and work, you won’t get bored too easily with this little charmer around. As stated previously, expensive compared with other products by ExpressHighs.

  3. janet

    I will like to bye this in liquids


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