100x legal high

100x Legal

100x Legal 3g  was sent as a sample and i went ahead to test the product. Upon opening i found it to be a mild spicy smell, but very aromatic in its smell, so it was not a smell to put you off by any means. Pressing ahead i tested the product, firstly the taste was neutral again, perhaps a little spice taste but it was not very noticeable to me. the high was absolutely powerful, i could not stand up straight, all it took was 2 puffs and i feared i was going to fall. be sure to sit down, do not walk or take in public, these are very powerful formulas and you must take caution. The high came instantaneously and was there for a good 50 mins. what i like is you come down very slowly and there are no side effects like headaches etc., this is just pleasure as long its done in moderation. The high is very heavy and you feel this more on the head, you tend to sway whenever you move your head, which is why you should be static when testing the product. I give this a huge 12 out of 10, it really was that strong. i urge all herb users who want something super strong to head over to expresshighs and at least try their stuff, this is a challenge you would relish as the potency is something i have never experienced before..well done to EH team.
 100x legal


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