JWH-122, with CAS number of 619294-47-2, an official name of (4-​methyl-​1-​naphthalenyl)(1-​pentyl-​1H-​indol-​3-​yl)-​methanone, purity of ≥98%,  formula weight of 355.5 and molecular formula of C25H25NO, is  a promising synthetic cannabinoid with high affinities for the CB1 receptor Ki = 0.69 nM and CB2 receptor Ki = 1.2 nM. If kept in an ideal temperature of -20C, it can last up to one year.

A trip report from user ‘Sebastian’ of Erowid reported that a man told him details about this substance saying it was potent. This man noted of 35mg dosage dissolved in acetone and used on one gram of herbal mix. He told him that he smoked it all with his friend and that the effects began within three minutes.

First effect included light feeling, but then it hit him hard a little later with an increase in heartbeat. He added that the man felt stoned and had lost energy; in fact, all this man did, according to Sebastian, was watching TV on the couch. There were some hunger and bit of red eyes, but overall, it was a very satisfying experience. The following day, the man felt anxious with slight headache. Finally, he compared JWH-122 to possess similar potency to JHW-018.

Another Drugs Forum user ‘bgoodman’ said that the high he experienced with JWH-122 was very strong and that the RC seemed stronger than JWH-018. Continuing, he developed tolerance for it so its high wasn’t as intense anymore. When he was starting, he used to have only a few hits to avoid being messed up, but JWH-122 is his favorite JWH so far.

It is claimed to be one of the strongest 4-substituted naphthoyl derivatives in the series naphthoylindole.

The research chemical is illegal in the UK and is a controlled substance in Germany. Product is for forensic and scientific research only and storage in an inaccessible place from children.

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