JWH-210 , a synthetic analgesic preparation (and an analog of cannabis) with direct effects on both the CB1 and cB2 receptors, was developed by John Hoffman in 1990. The research chemical, only intended for research and forensic purposes, has a naphthalene ring in its molecule, hence belonging to the naphthoylindole family.

JWH-210, also called JWH 210 N-(5-carboxypentyl) metabolite, with IUPAC (4-ethyl-1-naphthalenyl) (1-pentyl-1H-indol-3-yl)-methanone, CAS 824959-81-1, purity > 98 percent and molecular formula C26H27NO, comes as a pink crystalline powder when sold,  can be stored at less than 20C to last for one year and melts at 90.2C.

It works as a strong cannabimimetic alkylindole to bind both the central and the peripheral cannabinoid receptors, with Ki values 0.46nM and 0.69nM, but its effects in either cells or organisms are yet to be confirmed.

According to ChemSpider (Wikipedia article section), this compound is one of the strongest  4-substituted naphthoyl derivatives known in the naphthoylindole series because of its higher binding affinity than its homologues 4-methyl and 4-n-propyl, JWH-122 and JWH-182 and it is more potent than JWH-081 (4-methoxy compound). It was banned in Sweden, along with JWH-122, on October 1, 2010, when they were discovered to be components of herbal ‘synthetic cannabis’ products, noting they’re hazardous to health. And as of September 1, 2011, JWH-203, JWH-122 and JWH-210 were categorized as ‘illegal substances’ by the Swedish government.

Drugs Forum user ‘slingberry’ (body weight and height, 150, 5’9″; dosage, 10mg; ROA, oral; and duration, +8hrs) rated it 7/10 and noted main effects, such as heavy stone, euphoria, giddiness and slight synesthesia.

He revealed that his experience was quite intense and lasted a long time of eight hours, but he enjoyed it, although he would appreciate something to give him more euphoria and strange thoughts.

He also loved its visuals, which were pleasant and that it never hindered socialization. Finally, he gave its a thumbs up, but warned other users (especially first timers) to respect and take caution with 10mg oral dose and to have access to plenty of beverages when using it. Overall, he said, JWH-210 gave him mind opening, euphoria and heavy stoned effects.

Average pricing is $230/10 grams.

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    The dog is now taking a JWH-210 tincture approx 4 to 5 times a day but has reduced consumption to less then half a gram per week.

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