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Mary Joy Exodus Damnation Herbal Incense Review

Launched as part of the fourth generation of legal highs in the UK that dominated the herbal incense market in 2013, Mary Joy Exodus Damnation Herbal Incense comes with a very strong aroma with a twist of a smooth, sweet taste. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, Mary Joy Damnation is what users love for its ultra potent formulation that can transform a dull atmosphere into a very lively one.

Because of its strong aroma, Mary Joy Exodus Damnation is what is said to drive one’s mind insane with mood uplifted, senses highlighted.

This product, with a name referring to people movement, is an alternative to the well loved Evolution, Warning and Annihilation and that offers users a ride into the exciting and fun world of herbal incenses!

Mary Joy Herbal Incense Features

  • 5/5 Strength rating (*according to top suppliers)
  • Available at 1-gram or 3-gram foil packet size; also in wholesale (in select sellers)
  • Not for human consumption and not for sale to buyers below 18
  • Contains 5F-AKB48: N- (adamantan-1-yl)-1-(5-fluorobutyl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide quinolin-8-yl-1-pentyl-1h-indole-3-carboxilate

What Mary Joy Herbal Incense Reviews Reveal

Users warn others to treat this product with respect, as it is made with a very high concentration of ingredients, so they advised to using it first in a small amount. Some of them said that Exodus Damnation was a good painkiller, helping them in the reduction of mental or physical pain.

Others revealed that they were able to change the way they look at life, at least for a couple of hours, as they started thinking of the people who they had ignored or who they did not like.  Part of it, they also love how this product was able to improve their social life aspect; in fact, some of them said that they even remembered calling family members who they did not value at all.

Beginners (in particular), however, are warned of avoiding large doses of the Mary Joy Exodus Damnation herbal incense because it can bring out the madness in them and make them start acting pretty weird, as if were under heroin.  Others claimed craving a lot of food after the high, something common for people dosing with real cannabis.

Photo Credit: Mad Incense

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