Abyss Pandora's Box Herbal Incense

Abyss Pandora’s Box Herbal Incense Review

Abyss Pandora’s Box is high-grade herbal incense that has become popular on the UK market and is an ultra-potent potpourri spice to offer users great satisfaction.  At Everyday Smoker, this incense has 5/5 strength rating and claimed that it wasn’t for the coward but for the experienced collector. Product is available at 1-g, 3-g and wholesale packets.

Abyss Pandora’s Box herbal incense garners an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 from reviewers at ICE Head Shop. One user from Welwyn Garden City, Herts said that this product was a good one and rated it 5/5, while another  site user from Kings Lynn, Norfolk claimed that Pandora’s Box incense was very nice for the old timer and that it was smooth and warming.

On the negative, one user at ICE Head Shop claimed that this product was not good and all the results were negative (but no further elaboration, as to why so was written).

Salvia Online describes the Pandora’s Box to be top quality incense coming with a potent aroma because it guarantees compliance with all the ingredients that are 100 percent sourced in the UK and says it stands up against all new laws.

Abyss herbal potpourri ingredients are 5F-AKB48: N- (adamantan-1-yl)-1-(5-fluorobutyl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxamide quinolin-8-yl-1-pentyl-1h-indole-3-carboxilate.

Users are advised to use only a pinch of it for its high ingredient concentration that serves both new users and seasoned incense lovers best.

Sellers remind that they do not condone misuse of the product, which is not intended for human consumption, as it may be harmful if swallowed or inhaled and is not for sale to people under 18 years of age.

While Abyss Pandora’s Box herbal incense sells well, not many reviews about it were found. So, at Legal Highs Guru, we encourage you to sharing what you know about this product to help our community in making an informed decision on whether to buy the Abyss Pandora’s Box incense or not.

Photo Credit: ICE Head Shop

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  1. Hkllama

    So, true! It’s hard to find anything about Abyss Pandora’s Box incense. Glad I bumped into this… anyone have first-hand stories about their experience with this?

  2. Ken

    Hi HKLLAMA, i am also interested in this but waiting for someone’s review. I heard about abyss pandoras from my many friends.

  3. Gufaw

    All above are fake comments, I have tried Pandora and it is fucked, really fucked, the most potent fucked up drug you could ever try, take this from experience, I have done every fucked drug under the sun you could name but none are as mindfuckingly powerful as this little packet.
    I can’t fully describe the experience as my mind is still fried. I spend my days pacing my living room like an old demented lion. I am angry and upset and confused, I still get scared that the demon is coming back. I only took like 5 normal puffs on a splice of this badness and after 30 seconds I was taken away. The people I smoked with started talking about me, they knew my inner secrets, the demon was telling them everything… they began laughing, we all laughed, guffawing and snorting,their faces all contorted, then they started talking in some fucked up demon language, it was horrible, like all fucked up noises and that. I got all scared so I got up,I took my scarf off and threw it to them,I don’t know why it was like I was offering the scarf as a sacrifice so the d4mongods would stop ?? So then I walked off into the town centre, scared, paranoid, alone, everyfootstep sounded like it as amplified a million times, ….then I fell down the rabbit hole.. this is what Pandora was like for me, try at your own peril….LOL

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