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Mary Joy Kaos Herbal Incense Review

Mary Joy Kaos Herbal Incense is probably one of the most interesting herbal incenses around with numerous reviews written about.  We, your Legal Highs Guru, today, would like to share an interesting story we came across online.

At Party Vibe, we found ‘samtherocker123,’ who had spent some time reviewing this goodie. He said that Mary Joy Kaos was f*****g awesome!

Here’s his story.

He took a hit of it and felt heavy in his head. The product, according to him, was perfect for a body and head high combined, and then took more than one hit and got f****d up. His friend said that he was still holding the bong when he passed out and woke up after a minute or two with the bong still in his hand (but glad he did not drop it).

He also admitted smoking too much of Mary Joy herbal incense in one sitting and warned potential users of being careful with the product that reminded him of the old Bizarro.

He liked his experience with MJ better than the other sample (Bud Factory) he got from an online supplier. The latter, according to him, caused only a mellow high but was nice after taking the hardcore MJ).

The user recommends Mary Joy Kaos for those looking to get mad trippy, but warns them when smoking extra strong herbal incense like it for it will stay a while before it clears out their system.

And said they had to wait for a while before smoking again and they should exercise caution with potent blends like Mary Joy Kaos that can be their worst enemy, too.

Mary Joy Herbal Incense Blend is available at one-gram and three-gram packets while other sellers offer wholesale, too, and for sale to people over 18 only.

Do you have your very own experience on Mary Joy Kaos? We would love to hear it!  Feel free to register and submit your reviews and share what you know about herbal incense products with our community.

Photo Credit: RESCHEM

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  1. Hkllama

    I only recently heard some people talking about MJK and wanted to look up some reviews to see if it was legit! This story makes it sound pretty awesome.

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