MDPHP experience trip report

Took 20mg a few hours ago. I got it off a friend maybe two weeks ago, but
haven’t felt the urge to actually take any because I’ve been busy with work. Pretty
experienced with other stimulants, but had never actually gotten around to trying this
one, so when he offered I figured I might as well take the opportunity. Had an afternoon
free and figured this would be a good use of my time.
Honestly it feels like drinking a few coffees. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of
euphoria or anything like that. I snorted it, been feeling very awake and energized since.
I haven’t noticed any sort of comedown, but I also never felt like I was high, more just
full of energy, bit buzzed, a little bit of adrenaline. I jogged around the block a few times
to get some of the initial jitters out and then decided to take the opportunity to get a
workout in as well.
After a few hours I’m now starting to feel a little tired, not in a way that’s terrible,
more of like a very soft, calm tiredness, the way you feel after a long hike. I can’t say if
this is actually because of the drug or because of the workout, high likelihood that it is

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