Mr.Nice Guy

Mr.Nice Guy review

Received this product and went ahead to test it. On opening the packet smell was very neutral, there were no strong smells at all, just a very mild type of smell, but nothing you can put your finger on, pleasant if anything. The structure remind me of geeked up, a type of stringy touch to it, which is fine for me. Then i tested the product itself and in a few hits i was nice and high, the high being very light, excellent if you have things to do. Even though the high was there, it wasn’t heavy at all and was quite pleasant, perfect for going out or having a drink with. the product high lasted 35 mins or so, then nicely faded away, leaving no after feelings at all. i would rate this as a 6 out of 10 for potency, for beginners this is perfect  and of course, the more you use, the better the high will be. Great product for Expresshighs as usual and excellent to see the prices have come down for the merry season.

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