Bomb Marley 10g review

Bomb Marley is another one of those products you have to respect and fear!  Upon receiving the sample i opened it to find a delightful, minty type of smell, simply put it smelt gorgeous and the leaf structure once again was like good weed, ground up and ready for use. I tested this and immediately had to lie down, i could not sit up because this bomb was so strong that lying down was the best course of action. There is no way you can be active with this product, do not take outdoors unless you are a dedicated veteran that can handle the strongest of things, even there ill say please be careful. The taste was minty, it was super potent, but with this product, remember its a creeper! You’ll take a few hits and think when will it come, them wham, your head is everywhere and the chair is the first place you turn to for sitting down. These, once again are the new updated products from Expresshigh and the price and products are out of this world, id like to thank them at express for sending these samples, you will never waste money here because their price and product range is just too good. I recommend this fully to the herb users, be careful and take your time, this is super strength and not to be taken lightly at all, try if you dare!

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