NZ Legal High Kickstarter: New Alternatives to Hit the Shelves in 3 Years

Auckland, New Zealand– The country’s godfather of legal highs said that he only needed two to three years away from bringing back legal highs on the market.

Matt Bowden said that the black market was becoming popular and that he believed he could soon come up with a non-harmful alternative (after almost a year following the ban).

He said that the challenge to prove legal highs are safe is on the makers and said that it’s something he was doing in an Auckland laboratory. He claimed that he could come up with a harmless and non-addictive alternative drug.

Bowden furthered that he and his team were working with the best academics around the world, mainly in developing alternative to dangerous drugs (alcohol, methamphetamine and heroin).

But because it’s an expensive operation, he’s planning to get help using crowd funding.

He claimed that if people want to invest in safety testing, particularly in what they’re doing, then they would be investing in a better future as well as would be given their money back when the legal highs were on the market.

Peter Dunne, Associate Health Minister, doubted Bowden’s claims that a large number of people have already turned to the black market, P, cannabis and ecstasy and said that the size is comparably small although a few underground markets exist.

Bowden added that it was very easy to buy bulk synthetic drugs across the border without people being caught.

Meanwhile, Hamilton Mayor, Julie Hardaker, said that there was a problem and that she’s been told about the big black market in operation, something concerning them.

She added that she got an update a few weeks ago, making the trade a ban now, forcing it underground.

And with banned substances, such as JWH-018, only a small quantity, about 2-5 micrograms is needed in order to get high, and at a cost of $20, one can already buy one gram online (the size of only about to a quarter a 20-centavo coin) to produce 500 doses.

Photo Credit: Fiona Goodall/Getty Images

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