Scooby Snax

Scooby Snax Review

Opened the packaging and took out the product. firstly, it has a nice loose, leaf structure which is fine by me, so then moved on to test the actual product. I took a hit as usual and within a couple of mins it kicked in..i like to think of this as a creeper, nothings happens immediately then it just flows in at once, which is very pleasant indeed. the taste was neutral, nothing seemed to indicate a negative taste to it, but there was some flavour at the back of the hit, though i cannot describe it. I found this to be of lesser potency compared to the rest of the samples i kindly received from expressHighs, id give it a 7.5 for potency but the high is still good. You’re still active with this high and thats the good thing, this can be an afternoon formula where you can take it and still go out to socialize. Once again, i do recommend this for season beginners, though who have some experience in herbal but not too great. Excellent price, excellent deals and great service from the team at Expresshighs .com

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