sonic boom herbal incense

Sonic Boom herbal incense

Sonic Boom is Herbal Incense’s brick and mortar approach (I received my samples in zip-lock bags with a little sticker) goes to show you can’t always judge the proverbial “book” by its cover in the case of Sonic Boom. Though the online vendor seems to primarily focus on wholesale orders, but they still tend to any orders all the way down to a gram.

Sonic Boom somewhat bland aroma induces a heavy sensation, as if you’re being dragged down…. In fact it produces an interesting weighty feeling rather unique to this brand. If you burn large quantities, in some way or another you may find yourself partially incapacitated and/or glued to the furniture in a state of total comatose. For a more casual gathering, perhaps say at a party. There are other better blends available for larger social setting. That’s not to say you shouldn’t take the plunge, you probably just won’t end up the life of the party, let alone have much life left to party—but if you’re having a good time that’s all that matters, right?

The scent of Sonic Boom takes the back baby seat to the driving strength. Thankfully the rank aroma can be validated by its strength, keeping it from being a stinker.

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