WTF Blueberry incense review

 I received the is product a week in the new year and from the outset, it was a very nice new years present! Firstly, i opened the packet to the smell of the most delicious blueberry i have ever smelt from any product before, it was fantastic. Now i decided it was time for a test, the leaf structure was perfect, something you’d find in the real thing and very few twigs too. I took a hit and almost felt it straight away, it was very powerful and very strong! This packet is a top strength product and i would urge caution with this, as its not something to be used if outdoors amongst the crowd, its definitely an inside job if you know what i mean, you get stoned and all you can do is sit back. The taste was absolute heaven because it tasted exactly like blueberry, the smell as well was aromatic, not like the others where the smell maybe different to the smoke, this has it all..the smell, taste and aroma left behind are all blueberry so if you like that, this is for you! The stony effect was nice, it lasts about 30 mins, but all you do with this product is sit back and don’t move, just get everything you need and then relax. I recommend 10 out of 10 on all scales for this product, certainly not for starters and strong even for the seasoned.. Another fantastic product from expresshighs, a definite must for fruit lovers and a goodwill for the new year!

WTF Blueberry leaf structure

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