Your World at Its Extreme (Best or Worst) with Kratom

We recently published ‘What are Kratom extracts?’But we just thought this miracle, trendy internet drug may be so popular that we should follow up and dig deeper into what makes people crazy over it.

kratom graph
Snapshot taken 05/14/15 (Google Trends)
2015 Is the Year of Kratom?
Using the search term ‘Kratom,’ Google search results generated about 758,000 results in 0.29 seconds (and looking at the snapshot, we can see a clear upward trend or ‘uptrend’ for this herb).
“Over the decade, ‘Kratom’ increases (widely) in popularity as compared to other types of drugs, including cathinones, salvia and synthetic cannabinoids.”
Legal Highs Guru can’t help but see ‘why Kratom is making a huge noise online;’ in fact, we’ve seen an increase in the number of vendors spawning and reaching customers from all corners. And by looking into quick figures, it’s obvious that there is a huge demand, whether for Kratom information, extract source, plant or whatsoever regarding the herb.
Lately, Kratom has made appearances on news reports, which somehow made FDA interested over it and several states hysterical imposing immediate ban on it. But while Kratom is on demand, there were no reported teen hospitalizations vs. K2, Spice and synthetic marijuana, freak out sessions vs. Salvia or psychotic episodes vs. bath salts.
So we further investigated. What do people get from Kratom?
Several users reported personality improvement, involving increased sociability and talkativeness, while some revealed less pain sensitivity, feeling calmer and level-headed, along with feelings of comfort, pleasantness and relaxation.
The US Drug Enforcement Agency, on its website, says Kratom may not be as safe as other people think it is; in fact, it can be addicting, they add. Some long-term use effects may include emotional changes, achy muscles and limbs, confusion and hostility and aggression, among others.
Well, depending on whom you ask the effects can be intense or mellow, good or bad. Either way, Kratom can give you, YOUR BEST or YOUR WORST.
Good: Reddit user ‘n6ap1z’ said he’s the horniest he had ever been and last night was the best sex of his life, with Kratom improving his performance and durability and made him feel as if he were a superhero.
Bad: Reddit user ‘trashymcclassy’ said his libido was almost completely eliminated by Kratom.
Superhuman or Super Crippled?
Good: ‘Warchemix’ of Reddit says, he uses Kratom for a pre-workout boost and feels nice after about an hour, as if he can kick walls.
Bad: ‘KingOfTheData’ of Reddit says he literally doesn’t do anything but lay on his couch when on Kratom.
Definitely, Kratom has a lot of something to say, not mentioning high demand on it, but we suggest you keep safe by researching on the right vendor when deciding to use Kratom extracts yourself. Finally, start low and take it from there, based on the effects you experience.
Have you been on your highest or lowest self on Kratom? We’re interested to hear your story. Write us or start and join the conversation with the community below.

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