2-FDCK Experience trip report

It was an experiment for me to be on 2-FDCK, a new substance that is closely associated with the dissociation effect. A mix of excitement and fear, I got myself ready with head high to face the journey, getting a relaxed place so as to let go of any anxiousness.

This undertaking started by the deliberate research on the required 50 milligrams of 2-FDCK by using inspection of a handheld scale. As the substance swirled down my throat, curiosity and concern swelled – an odd form of anticipation before any outcome.

Within about 20 minutes, there were both positive and negative aspects that could be observed. A subtle and unnoticed drift in my perception went on, inside me. It seemed like the line between myself and the outer world was blurring. The moment of beginning was stated with a slow separation from my surroundings which was coupled with a calm and peaceful sensation.

On the stead wearily went, I realized I had stepped into a realm of complete unreality. As if the barriers of my consciousness disappeared and the reality turned into a weird dream where I unlearned the sense of belonging of my physical body. Time mysteriously took its non-linear posture, in which some moments left us lengthened and some contracted distorted and gave a sense of being up the rails of time.

In addition to this, I experienced changes in sensory perception, and things that were seen, heard, and felt seemed to exist in some sort of a land that I was in a dream. Sounds gradually grew to a heavenly character, and physical feelings were taken as weirdly strong. Although the intense distorted mental condition may have overwhelmed me, throughout the experience, I still was able to maintain a calm and a measure of emotional stability. This was quite a different experience that had involved my emotional and mental stability. Undoubtedly, the experience was intense and dreamlike, but I always tried to adapt myself to the reality of it, and I learned how to let go of my ego, so I could be present in the moment without resistance.

With the transition from 2-FDCK to a normal state, I could again experience mental normalcy and precision. It was during the course of this journey something very deep and meaningful that I came to fully appreciate the ways in which the consciousness can be explored and the gifts that are gained when one chooses to navigate this path.

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