O-PCE experience trip report

I went out into an expedition with O-PCE, wondering if it had the ability to cause the so-called dissociative effects. With the feeling of eager anticipation, I set up my environment by putting an atmosphere where the lighting is soft and music is soothing so that it can go well with the travel ahead.

After the measurement was done very carefully with a trustworthy milligram scale, I put in the accurately determined dosage of 20mg of O-PCE into the syringe. Once the agent started doing its job, the blend of expectation and adventure overcame me along with the mild nervousness. This sense of feeling is somehow an indication of how curious someone is about the activity and the anticipated outcomes.

After about half an hour, the first traces of O-PCE took its effect. What was happening to me? A mysterious alienation from my environment elevated, while at the same time a relieving dullness and spaceless sensation emerged. The shifts to different stages of the experience led to a loosening of my ordinary perception and eventually caused a detachment from the physical world I was in.

I was literally overwhelmed by something that felt incredibly real, and boundaries between self and reality started to fade. I felt lost in a worl of self-contemplation, time and space appeared unreal from where I was. Confronting the limitations of space and the lack of opportunities to exchange views, there emerged a new and deeper understanding of oneself, a spiritual journey that brought consciousness and life into focus.

The heightened perception of senses talked as one of the remarkable events of this excursion. Colors’s depth and intensity were at its peak and the songs echoed in an inexplicably immense room inside my head. Nevertheless, sentiment of calmness remained intact which allowed me to view the accompanying sense keenly, with a degree of detachment.

I experienced a variety of physical effects including heart rate acceleration and a feeling of disorientation, though they were gentle and handled easily during the flight. The effects took a gradual dissipation after few hours and then the long meditation followed. I got a brief idea of what the mind’s true nature is and started reflecting on the issue of what is real and what is me.

In the end, my experiment with OPCE showed to be a profound and introspective mission. It was an intensely emotional, and sometimes, too much for me to handle, but it raised certain issues related to working of the mind and consciousness. I will also take into account future experiences with a deepened comprehension and respect of the complicated natures of altered states of consciousness.

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