2C-D trip report

I don’t think I was expecting very much from this, I’d heard it wasn’t very strong
just based on stuff I’d read, but I’m always happy to try something new so when the
opportunity presented itself to try some I took it.
I would first like to state that everyone who said it didn’t feel like much either took
too low of a dose, or lied. I took 25mg, not sure why I decided on that number but most
people were saying 30 or 40 was a good dose and I’ve always had an abnormally low
tolerance so I figured I would just play it safe starting out and take more later if it
seemed appropriate. I didn’t end up needing to redose at all, which, not complaining at
all, saves me more for another time.
Anyway, the trip started off fine, just the usual visuals, but then the colors started
going absolutely insane. Like I don’t know how else to describe it, everything was
incredibly vibrant and beautiful and I wanted to look at literally everything. I could pick
out all the individual color swatches in everything I was looking at, too, like a color wheel
would appear in my head almost. If I knew how hex codes worked I probably would
have been able to pick those out, too.

Since I was alone in my room for this one, I started feeling bored, I hadn’t really
planned for anything for myself to do while I was high since usually the high takes care
of that for me (trying to make myself focus on a pre-planned activity feels pretty
pointless), and I had this sudden urge to yap, so I called up one of my friends and made
her sit on the phone with me while I talked to her for a long time. I don’t remember what
I actually said, but it felt at the time like a good conversation. She said she couldn’t
remember either, she’d finished smoking the second of two bowls right before I called
her so she was just going with the flow at that point.

At this low of a dose the high was very short, maybe four hours or so, with a few
small aftereffects. After most of the other effects waned away, everything kept looking
bright and beautiful, things stayed very vibrant. Overall, I think I would say that I had a
really fun time, but that I probably wouldn’t do it again, as there are other drugs I can get
similar effects from that are much easier to get than 2C-D.

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