NEP experience trip report

Prior to the experiment start, I thoroughly examined the chemical analysis of NEP that would allow me to understand how it works and the dosage recommendations. Safety was priority number one and surely uncompromising factor, so I assured that the experiments were run accurately and under a controlled environment.

Carefully breeding my nerves, into a verge of tame, I slowly consumed it orally in the oral route to NEP. I had to be patient in realizing which feeling was really me and which one was provided by that substance let alone effects.

And since these developments got more and more visible, I found myself dealing with changes in my mental acuity. A significant feeling of alertness arose together with mental clarity reviewing with a mild hallucination. But these effects were not omnipotent thus keeping me conscious and providing me with the sense of clarity and sobriety during the whole experience.

Giving the NEP a broad-brush scenario, I keenly participated in activities that gave exposure on how it affected the society. Many small tasks featured with so many reasons to be excited and what I really smelt was the creativity in my brain as I dove into craftwork. Conversing turned to become smooth even if with an augmented sense of liveliness. Social involvement likewise almost felt vibrant.

While traveling, I held a spontaneous reflection here and there. I looked at myself and asked what I was feeling and what sensations I was experiencing. N.E.P subtly provided me with points of raised stimulation but I was always conscious of its side effects like the racing of the heart and feeling light anxiety at higher dose levels.

Gradually, I came to the realization that the impact of NEP can be considered as a more holistic and multilayered process that exhibits a variety of subtleties and subliminal traces rather than a singular adverse event. However, it gave me those extreme bursts of energy and consciousness that allowed myself to be more open with others but most importantly, I just sounded that warning alarm to myself and reminded myself to use it with utmost care and deep observation. Looking to the future, I plan to dig deeper and have more knowledge in the field of research chemicals, thanks to the newly acquired information and a deeper consciousness of the complexity of matters therein. NEP turned out to be the best query for me as it once again reminded me of the merits of detail mindfulness, wisely testing and personal introspection when tried to reveal new insights.

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