A synthetic research chemical closely related to methylphenidate, 3, 4-CTMP (3, 4-Dichloromethylphenidate) has a molecular formula C14H17Cl2NO2, CAS 1400742-68-8 and purity of ≥98 percent.  It is very active even at a low dose of 5mg; therefore, it must be handled with extreme caution and that a lab must be equipped with a very accurate scale to 0.001g.

3,4-CTMP, although related to  methylphenidate, is said to be seven-fold stronger than the latter based on animal studies, but it has weaker reinforcing effects with its slower action onset. Even so, H. M. Deutsch’s discrimination ratio notes, it can be more addictive than other substances, including cocaine.

More commonly known Ritalin (a brand name), medicine used for treating ADD and ADHD, 3,4 CTMP is said to cause  larger onset than methylphenidate, providing a user with stimulating effects, together with reduced appetite, increased heart rate and even insomnia. Weight loss comes next due to its appetite-suppressing properties, just like effects of methylphenidate. Based on reports, small (5mg) or large dose (40mg over an 8-hour period) may result to lack of appetite and mild stimulation. Normal dose, taken orally, seems to be 0.01 gram.

Drugs Forum user ‘Mmmystery’ said that 3,4-CTMP was a very powerful, functional stimulant, but it caused strong vasoconstriction. He warned that users should use less than 10 mg with caution. And when asked of 3, 4-CTMP duration, he notes, it lasts around eight hours (sometimes longer). He mixes it with coffee, giving him a boost up to around 6pm; overall, he highlights that it is a strange but excellent substance, especially for gym workouts.

Another review posted by ‘The Second Tester,’ summed up that if you were looking for something to keep you awake but functional or something to aid in workout, 3,4-CTMP is a good choice. He suggests, effects last longer and may take one day to get through every stage of the drug. Therefore, he concludes, it is not a good idea taking it the night before working in the morning, unless one wants to sweat at work and feel unpleasant with it. Finally, he says, he will take it again (with a smiley).

This product is a good replacement for cathinone derivatives, with reaction duration up to several hours. Current market price averages €19.00 per gram (Approx 21.09 US Dollar).

But while 3, 4-CTMP is legal in many countries, it is now banned in the UK, as of April 10, 2015;

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  1. Baxter

    I heard from one of my chemical friend that 3,4-CTMP can make you very high and uncontrollable. So make sure that you take it in controllable manner.

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