2C-P, with formal name 2,​5-​dimethoxy-​4-​propyl-​benzeneethanamine,​ monohydrochloride, CAS 1359704-27-0, molecular formula C13H21NO2 • HCl and purity ≥98%, is a crystalline solid psychoactive with 2 years of stability when stored at -20C.  Also called 2,5-Dimethoxy-4-propylphenethylamine, 2C-P is analogous to another psychedelic drug 2C-B. However, its physiological and toxicological properties aren’t known.

First described in the book “PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story” (Alexander Shulgin), the substance is known as one of the most potent phenethylamines giving entactogenic and hallucinogenic effects. It is taken either insufflated or orally (typical dose ranging from three to 10 mg), but is often reported to have a slow onset usually followed by a psychedelic peak lasting longer than other substances with phenethylamines.

2C-P is used for enhanced visual perception, mental and physical perception, increased sense of responsibility, emphathogenic feelings, increased sociability and improved tactile perception. In some cases, usually at higher dosage, it may cause nausea, anxiety, uncomfortable stimulation, vasoconstriction and motor impairment.

2C-P produces several hallucinatory effects, which is said to be more reproducible and consistent as compared to other psychedelics. And to explain it further, hallucinatory states may include transformations, unspeakable horrors and internal hallucinations embedded with visual geometry, including autonomous entity contact, concepts, scenarios and settings. These hallucinatory states are common within dark surroundings, wherein users describe interactive, lucid and almost often exclusive of spiritual, religious and transcendental nature.

Legal status: It is a ‘Class A Controlled Substance’ (being it included in the ‘phenethylamine derivative clause’ of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971), a ‘Schedule I Substance’ under the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act (2012) and a Schedule B Controlled Substance in Denmark.

At Erowid Experience Vault, user ‘Anon’ (body weight 98 lb; dose, 2mg; and ROA oral, powder/crystals) reported his overall experience with 2C-P (which he called the writer’s drug) and said that he noticed the increased drive to write during the peak (but wasn’t aware of the comedown due to low dose). He added, he didn’t experience memory loss, but only had clear mind during the entire time even if there were body sensations. Overall, he described, it was a very positive and uplifting experience.

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