5-EAPB is an entactogenic compound in the amphetamine group with design related to 5-APB and 5-MAPB. It is, according to studies, a triple reuptake inhibitor of monoamine and a 5-HT2c agonist. This research chemical is an analog of 5-APB, which is known as an entactogenic and stimulant drug belonging to the amphetamine class of psychoactive designer drugs, but its physiological and toxicological properties are yet to be discovered, giving chemistry students and research scientists a huge opportunity of discovering its potentials. Note: This product isn’t intended for human consumption but for forensic and research applications.

Also known for its synonym 5-(2-Ethylaminopropyl) Benzofuran, it has CAS 1445566-01-7, molecular formula C13H17NO • Hcl, IUPAC 1-(Benzofuran-5-yl)-N-ethylpropan-2-amine, purity ≥98% and formula weight 239.7. The US Environmental Protection Agency EPISuite stated that its boiling point is 287.68, vapor pressure estimations 0.00132, melting point 72.81 and water solubility 25C mg/ml: 6409.

For a general review on 5-EAPB, as published on Chems 4 You,  the substance use has been popular to exhibit some effects, but there is no issue on the comedown. According to reviews the site gathered, users reported a couple of ways for administering it–snorting (Powder inhaled through the nose) and dissolving (Powder dissolved in liquid). The latter is said to produce better effects, but users are advised to start with low dose before doubling. When taken in moderation, it can cause no permanent damage, but constant use can cause appetite suppression.

If using oral ROA, a user will be able to feel the difference within an hour, but for some, they reported experiencing euphoria with this Benzo Fury after 15 minutes, and such feeling will develop in a rush, while the vision may get blurry. Overall, its effects may increase gradually. For other users, this RC gives them a swirl in the mind and an amazing psychedelic effect, only for a short time. It also gives a common feeling of euphoria for a majority of user, but it does not hit like crash; instead, it gives a good body and mind feeling. Continuing based from gathered user reports of Chems 4 You, 5-EAPB gently comes down and can calm the mind, sending users to sleep easier without any problem. Nevertheless, a first timer should take only once and then increase his dosage based on how his body responds after the first dose.

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