6-APB experience trip report

My 6-APB experiment started with anticipation for the supposed effects and the possible insights it would give to me. I am full of vigilance and a well-thought-out strategy, so I felt that I am ready to commence the journey. Generally, the work breakdown structure or at least the major deliverables are clearly defined in strategic calculus.

Getting ready for this activity, I measured correct amount of 6-APB, specifying to the rules of harm reduction. I had to deal with an almost indispensable aspects: apprehension and expectation, as soon as I swallowed the substance, not sure what road it would take me to. The outcomes and the gains were quite unclear.

With the passage of time, the effects of 6-APB developed in a passive way. Warmth and bliss were gradually enveloping me followed by a slight change of way of perceiving everything. Hue seemed to gain a new clarity, and sounds wore a depth that showed more of the natural landscape than usual.

The culmination of this experience was marked with an intense feeling of empathy and sharing with other people. Conversations proceeded smoothly and with the warm glow of comprehension and empathy. It is as if the walls became transparent, and allowed for the humanity to stand exposed.

At the same time, there was the strong mental feeling of lightness in my body as if I was just getting started of a trip. The occasions of my heart beats and break outs were manageable as I centered myself in the present moment.

Later, upon my reflection, I started to think about the concept of perception and its significance in what we take as the real world. While the experience was quiet and unvoiced, the lessons learnt were infinite, reminding me of the intricate nature of the human mind and how it interacts with psychoactive substances. By and large, my experience with 6-APB proved a wave of self-exploration, indeed. It provided temporal glimpses of the different states of being with caution and mindful thinking.

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