LSZ experience trip report

I decided to take LSZ because my brother had tried it a little while before, and
he’d had a pretty nice experience. I took one blotter, I can’t remember the specific
amount but it was how much he told me he took, and I was basically trying to copy him.
I think that was where I went wrong honestly, I’m not very used to these kinds of things
and I know that trips like this are different for everyone, but I thought that if I did what he
did I would be able to have just as good of a time.
The first few hours actually went really well. I know that LSZ trips last a really,
really long time, so I’d made sure my afternoon was free. It was probably noon or so
when I took it, around midday anyway, and the weather was really nice. I went outside
and lay down in the grass to wait for it to hit.
The first thing I noticed was my muscles tensing a little bit, but I was able to fight
that off (probably the wrong mindset to go with, but alas, what can you do). The sky
started swirling beautifully, like these incredible geometric patterns, like someone had
taken kaleidoscope lenses and put them over my eyes. I lay there for an unreasonable
amount of time, just watching the sky move and probably grinning like an idiot.
It made me feel a bit energetic, but not in a very gripping way, like that I could
move if I wanted to, but didn’t particularly feel drawn to the idea unless I was already up,
which I tested a couple times by getting up and then lying back down again. I decided to
take a walk to a park nearby, and spent some time wandering around and people
watching. I felt so connected to everyone around me, like they were these beautiful
creatures that I was so lucky to be part of a group with. I got really emotional about that,
how amazing it was that there was this community of people around me that I was
accepted in. It made me love everyone so much more than I realized I had the capacity

After a few hours, I decided to walk back home and lay down in the grass again.
At this point the psychedelic effect was becoming a little physical, and the grass began
tickling me when I lay down. I also started feeling the sun’s rays digging into my skin,
which I think is where it started to go wrong.
At first it felt like they were gently caressing my arms, as if they wanted to be part
of me, but it began to feel more and more aggressive as time went on, and because I
had already chosen a pretty antagonistic approach to how I was going to deal with this
high, I began to feel more like they were preying on me, and that I needed to fight them
off. I started panicking, and ended up running inside to get away, which must have
looked insane to the neighbors, but truly in the moment it felt like the correct thing to do.
I’ve always been very touch sensitive, so I suppose it makes sense that this was how I
reacted, but it’s unfortunate. After I hid, I went to go find a soft blanket to wrap myself in,
and this alleviated the overstimulation a bit, and allowed me to keep focusing on the
patterns. I kept occasionally re-remembering where I was and what I was doing,
panicking for a second, and then getting distracted by the swirling shapes on the walls
Tripping has always sort of made my brain feel beat up afterwards, no matter
what drug I take, so I took a small dose of valium to calm me down a little bit and
skipped most of my bedtime routine. I must have ended up dozing off, because I woke
up the next morning still on the couch.

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