armageddon herbal incense


I don’t honestly recollect how I came to get Armageddon incense, but it did arrive, and I am glad. Today my strange postal man whom I’ve always thought was a little dim misplaced my package which ended up at a random post office where I had to pick it up.

Anyways, enough with the self-amusing story about the stupid postman, I hope you do not feel your time has been wasted though you as a reader have every right to process any selection of words and I remain not at fault if you have… so as I mentioned it arrived somewhat unexpected and after chasing the mystery package down I was especially eager to try it out.

The package art of fire and smoky blast is cool to look at, never a bad thing. The herbs are arranged nicely in fluffs and flakes and smell pretty nice from the bag. The flowery smell is pleasing to the nose, fragrant and tingling to the senses. The herbs are ground into uniform cuts and are free of most any significant sticks and stems. When burnt the scent permeates a pleasant aroma; not as clean as a handful other flower based scents I have burned but I’m satisfied. Not very harsh at all. I am even more satisfied with the euphoric sensations the incense burner is instilling upon my slowly enlightening soul. Worth checking out for sure.

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