sensate review

sensate review

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A local head shop was selling Sensate 3g, a gray bag with a horse getting out of zebra skin. When I opened it up the smell was not too strong and very soothing. I burnt some of the incense and the smell released was much stronger than before  but still had a very mellow and relaxing mood. The scent lasted for about one hour and was quite enjoyable. Sensate isn’t as strong or intense but it’s still a solid incense at a great price. The herbs burnt very nicely, and I definitely felt it was worth the £19.99/3g I spent on it. I think it is much cheaper, which makes Sensate a great deal. This is why I highly recommend.

Strength: 7.5/10


Overall: 7.8/10



1 Comment

  1. Pedro May 20, 2015 at 4:20 pm

    I got the samples of sensate from one of my regular online vendor. class product! go for it.

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