Facts and Myths about Synthetic Cannabinoids

If you’ve heard about synthetic cannabinoids, you’re probably one of those confused about the contradicting sides of the story – the myths and facts – about it. So for a reality check, let’s discuss what you have to know about synthetic cannabinoids in today’s legal high reviews.

Myth: Synthetic cannabinoids are all the same.

This is untrue. In fact, synthetic cannabinoids are composed of a wide range of chemicals. They’re just collectively called this way because of their ability to attach themselves to the central nervous system’s CB1 and CB2 receptors, pretty much like natural cannabis or marijuana.

As they don’t have the same chemical composition, synthetic cannabinoids shouldn’t be treated as one. Another reason is that they don’t have the same effects.

For this reason, it is important to research each synthetic cannabinoid to determine the safe ones and to know safety precautions regarding its use.

Fact: A synthetic cannabinoid is more dangerous than natural cannabinoids.

Many people fail to recognize the adverse side effects of using artificial cannabis. Risks associated with it are often overlooked. But did you know that while smoking weed can mess up with short-term memory especially when abuse, synthetic cannabinoids are more dangerous?

Fact: Synthetic cannabinoid isn’t regular weed.

Synthetic marijuana isn’t from any plants, but it is manmade. They contain mind-altering chemicals, so they’re sometimes called designer drugs. In most cases, they are plant materials being sprayed with chemicals on them.

Some of them are smoked, and some are brewed. On the other hand, there are synthetic cannabinoids that come in the form of liquids. They’re consumed through inhaling or vaporizing (vaping) through a marijuana vaporizer or an e-cigarette. Sometimes, they’re called liquid incense.

Fact: Synthetic cannabinoids are continually developing.

This happens because they’re designed by their makers that continue to change their formulations. They’re altered or changed to avoid legislative scheduling. That is why they can be sold legally in many places. These artificial cannabinoids have their brand names. You can find them in head shops and gas stations, among other places.

Fact: Artificial cannabinoids can also lead in dependence, withdrawal and tolerance.

There can be a cross tolerance between the use of real and fake marijuana. Some users use both of them, leading to an increased in doses as well as risks of side effects. Also, synthetic pot dependence can be implied because stopping on it suddenly can lead to headaches, depression, irritability and anxiety. That is why quitting may be hard for some people.

Myth: Artificial weed can be safer than other drugs because you can buy them at convenience stores.

This product may be hidden by employees under the counter. Many of the chemical ingredients are from China. There can be more psychoactive ingredients on them that might lead to unwanted effects.

In addition, fake weed can be stronger than the real thing is. Also, the specific compositions of artificial pot cannot be determined and may be changed or altered, too, per batch.

Fact: Synthetic pot can result to mental or physical effects.

In today’s unbiased legal high reviews, let’s also emphasize that fake pot can also have mental and physical effects just like the real thing can. Synthetic pot can also lead to effects, such as relaxation and mood lifting. However, they can also cause unpleasant effects especially if use directions are not followed closely.

Final Thoughts

Misinformation about synthetic cannabinoids often leads to confusion. Awareness and information campaigns regarding the designer drug industry should be looked into for public knowledge. We’re hoping we shed some light regarding the most prominent myths and facts about artificial weed. What myths or facts have you heard about synthetic pot? Share it with the community today!

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