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Kanna: How to Prepare and Use

Before you buy legal highs kanna, you should know how it’s prepared and use. In today’s post, we’ll talk more about this herb and its available forms now.

Kanna has been around for centuries; its fermented leaves and roots were used in a number of ways, including by chewing, sniffing or smoking by the natives of the South African tribes. Traditionally, they’re also used when sacred rituals were held.

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Kanna Forms

Just as what you have probably read on legal highs news, Kanna is now available in many forms. They’re sold in head shops, online shops and other venues. Today, the herb can also be obtained in several forms, including teabags, extracts, seeds, e liquids, capsules and tinctures.

Preparing Kanna

Preparing it requires the use of the entire plant, which can ferment better with its stems and roots. These parts are said to contain its main active compound called Mesembrine at an amount up to three times higher than that on the leaves of the herb.

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Fermenting involves crushing the plant material, which is then stored in a sealed and transparent jar. As it ferments, it changes from green to brown. You should open the container from time to time but leave it to ferment for eight days. After, you can put the fermented kanna in a container and then spread it for drying under sunlight until it is dried – ideally after about five days. Some people like to oven-dry the herb for a faster process, based on legal high reviews.

Once dried, you can then grind kanna using a coffee grinder to turn it into a powder. Alternatively, you can skip this step if you’re planning to chew kanna. With this fermentation and preparation method, you can make 5 mg of produce for a gram of kanna.

However, you don’t have to deal with this process if you can buy legal highs from a reliable online shop like Express Highs.

Using Kanna

The effects of kanna depend on certain factors, including body build and metabolism. That is why it is not recommended to start with a high dose on it. In the following, we’ll discuss some popular ways on how to use the herb for its effects.


Throughout the day or for some time, some people, just like the natives of South African tribes, chew the fermented leaves, roots and stems. Users looking to achieve a mild effect use only up to 200 mg while between 600 – 1000 mg for those trying to achieve super strong effects.

Based on legal high reviews, they could feel its euphoric and intoxicating effects that lasted up to three hours. It then started fading over another one hour.


Just like when you try to buy herbal incense, you should also take caution when you use this method because many people reported of clogged nasal cavities and itching. Some also noted of nosebleeds for snorting the herb. But for those who are brave enough, they grind their mixture into a fine powder.

For its mild effects, people use between 25 and 50 mg or between 50 and 100 mg for medium intensity effects. Through this method, users can expect the effects to kick in fast within minutes and enjoy full euphoria for up to one hour. If using Kanna for pain, snorting isn’t the best way to go, though.


A rough grind is recommended for this route of using kanna. For many users, this method gives them a mild and easy effect on the lungs. For those looking to achieve mild effects, they use between 50 and 100 mg or 400 and 500 mg for extra strong effects, which kick in within seconds and peaking for a head rush within an hour.


Making a tea or brewing is one of the most popular methods of using kanna according to legal highs news. It is also ideal for those looking for relaxation and pain relief. For mild effects, using between 200 and 400 mg is recommended but 1000 and 2000 mg for extra strong effects. Using this method, expect the effects to kick in within 1 and ½ hours.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of consumption method chosen, beginners are recommended to start low and slow to prevent any unpleasant effects. Now if you’re ready to buy herbal incense or herbal extracts, get yours only from reliable stores to ensure of high quality blends.

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