Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose — the Graceful (but Fierce) Psychoactive

Argyreia nervosa, also called elephant creeper, woolly morning glory but most popularly Hawaiian baby woodrose, is a psychedelic perennial climbing vine distinguished for its white trumpet-shaped flowers and heart-shaped leaves. But while seemingly tame and lovely, this herb is loaded with the psychedelic lysergic acid amide (LSA) or tryptamine contained in its large furry seeds.

Acting similarly but a little less intense than LSD, Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds for sale, usually tan or light brown, are swallowed or crushed to mix with hot water when making a tea. Every seedpod has at least four seeds, which coating are then removed and flamed or scraped off or both. A tip: You can scrape as much as you can of the coating before flaming the rest because it may be too thick.

An alternative for Hawaiian baby woodrose extraction, based from another source, its seeds must be soaked in water for a couple of hours before removing any remaining husk, cutting the seeds into small pieces using a pair of scissors or a knife and then pulverizing them in a coffee grinder. Afterwards, you should pour over hot water and let the mixture sit for one and a half hour before straining the liquid to drink as tea. Then, put the pulp aside and ingest an hour later; otherwise, simply discard it. For a visionary experience to last up to eight hours, using four to five seeds is the recommended Hawaiian baby woodrose dosage.

For the Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds high, a user can experience LSD-like effects, although less intense with less visuals but inducing a tranquil feeling lasting additional 12 hours. Individuals with sleeping disorder, in particular, may experience a deep, relaxing sleep. But based on some reports, a few users may experience vertigo, blurred vision or physical inertia (hangover). Other effects, starting within an hour, include euphoria, flashbacks, extreme tiredness, and/or decreased psychomotor activity.

Before buying Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds online, know there are multiple strains, which may or may not contain LSA, so learn of a strain’s ergot alkaloid content and appearance. Most potent among seeds, which can be hard to find, are from Hawaii and most recognizable with their smaller and rounder appearance.

Have you tried using Hawaiian baby woodrose and experienced any of the above effects? If so, you may want to share your experience with the community. Write it below or submit a review today!

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