The Kratom User’s Guide

The Kratom User’s Guide

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A native tree to Borneo, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, “Mitragyna speciosa” or Kratom belongs to the coffee tree, with leaves used as ‘stimulant’ (at low doses) and ‘sedative’ (at high doses) in Southeast Asia. It is also used as painkiller, opiate addiction treatment, diarrhea medicine and recreational drug.

Leaves are chewed fresh after removal of the stringy central vein, while dried ones, because they’re tough, are crushed into Kratom powder before swallowing. Powdered leaves are mixed with water, making a fibrous smoothie, but are strained by others before drinking as Kratom tea, something preferred because it is easier to drink than drinking crushed leaves suspended in water.

While its leaves can be smoked, it may be impractical to do because several leaves may be needed to come up with a typical Kratom dose. For some, they make a paste-like extract (which is stored for later consumption) through evaporating water from the Kratom tea. A product of evaporating water from the leaves is small pellets, which are dissolved in hot water, mixed with herbal teas or swallowed. As an option, users can add honey or sugar to sweeten it.

Now, let’s talk about Kratom dosage and effects. First off, moderate doses last up to four hours, but its effects vary based on general tolerance and body mass. Users should take caution, start with low dose and work their way up from there based on their experience.

Generally, as published at, starting dose is from two to three grams (and adding 0.5 gram on the next use). An increase isn’t on the same but the following day. Users also have to wait 20 to 40 minutes before Kratom effects, such as euphoria and energy, kick in.

Kratom Online revealed that this botanical is stimulatory (in small amounts) and in fact is very energizing like coffee. Reports stated that the stimulating effects aren’t linked with restlessness or heart rate increase, but mind stimulation for clearer, deeper focus and body balance for better vitality and vigor.

But as one take larger doses in capsule or leaves of Kratom for sale, one can experience more of the herb’s anxyolitic and sedative effects. Aside from these, it could help in relaxation and in elimination of negative thoughts and stress.

While this herb possesses low risk for abuse/addiction, it may be habit-forming with longer periods of use. So, controlling Kratom dosage and following recommended use should keep you out Kratom side effects, such as Kratom hangover (e.g. nausea, irritability and headache).


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