Kaneh Bosm Announces First BioCanna ADM Lease Agreement

Vancouver, British Columbia- Based on a company press release by Kaneh Bosm President and Director Michael Martinz and CEO and Director Ruby de Jonge, dated April 20 at NASDAQ.com, the company was reporting on the success of ongoing business development initiative that resulted to the initial lease of two (2) automated cannabis retail systems to MedSmart Dispensary Inc.

Kaneh Bosm said that deployment and field-testing starts upon arrival of the kiosks from Europe to Vancouver by mid-April.

Designed and manufactured by Majex Italy, these kiosks called BioCanna ADM Retail System is a hybrid of an intelligent retail kiosk and a traditional bank ATM that provides proven software for inventory management, point of sale transaction, reduction in cost of labor, secure climate-controlled product storage, potential 24/7 operation and age-verification or patient eligibility requirements.

Currently, there are 2,000 units deployed and operational across Western Europe in the retail pharmaceutical dispensing marketplace and such are proven profitable and reliable.

Vending machines for marijuana are already tested on the Vancouver market since last spring; in fact, the BC Pain Society (BCPS) has already installed two (2) vending machines and upgraded the dispensers to ‘quadruple size and wheelchair friendly ones.’ After installation, the BC Pain has been receiving new applications every week.

BioCanna ADM Retail Systems are available for purchase for a limited time and for deployment to retailers, but with varying lease rates, flexible programs and transaction fees.

This new system is unique to its market, as it encompasses crucial elements for reliable, safe and successful automated retailing of marijuana. Some of these features include access control, restricting access to un-prescribed patients; transactional oversight by regulators through software monitoring; and record of accomplishment in a controlled products or substances environment.

Cannabis-dispensing units are tested to guarantee full functionality.

Follow-up story: (For parties worried of safety, here’s what Martinz said, as published, Vancouver Sun, April 21, “More pot vending machines coming to Vancouver”). He said that the machines would screen out people below 19 years of age, set daily limits and verify user registration. He furthered that there would be protection measures for preventing underage children from using another person’s ID.


Photo Credit: Vancouver Sun

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