Drug Users Mix Substances with E-Cigarettes, an Emerging (Alarming) Trend

Janet Roberts of Dan 24/7 Helpline said that she heard everyone was using drugs in e-cigarettes.

Based on reports, some e-cigarette users have been using drugs with their device so that they can take hallucinogens, cannabis and/or heroin without anyone noticing.

A drug user ‘xxcoolguyx, as posted at Reddit, said he had tried e-cigarettes with heroin but claimed it wasn’t for him and said that for the same reason he had no desire of injecting heroin. On the same website, he added that heroin has a place for him as a favorite drug when snorted, giving him a strong, steady body and mental buzz that stays all day.

But when vaporized, although a strong initial buzz could be felt, it was never enough even after adding doses in order to achieve desired effects he could be satisfied with, he added.

Part of the story, a Blue Light site user calling himself ‘Synto’ said that if he could get his hands on smokeable H, then he would probably have tried it. But furthered that the problem could come in when a user factored in the idiots who would be using multiple smack bags without being aware of its purity and then inhaling everything in a single breath.

In another website DMT-Nexus, user ‘Foaf’ stated that he used e-cigarettes for taking the powerful dimethyltryptamine (DMT), a hallucinogen, which is also called the  ‘spirit molecule’ in the drug world.

He added that there was no learning curve needed and that all a user has to do is to pull his electronic device, give it to a new user, tell him to hit the button and take a draw after another. After it, he said, it would take a user as far as he wanted to go.  Foaf added that the e-cig device could then be used by another and that it could accommodate more than 100 draws (even in a small tank setup).

These recent developments, according to Ms. Roberts, needed monitoring.

She said that something new (e-cigarette) came on the market with an ‘initial’ positive use (help people quit tobacco smoking), but then users discovered other uses for it.

What she was worried about was that if people would be using e-cigarettes, others wouldn’t know what was that they were smoking.

She warned that people had twigged they could use such devices for illegal drugs, and it was another thing that the police should be aware of.

Photo Credit: How Stuff Works

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