King B

King B

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Christmas came early today in a little envelope with the bag of King B incense. My eye tells me it has a knack for some neat packaging artwork. Inside the bag of King B is a bundle of herbs and unique aroma. I’ll start by detailing in this review then conclude with its psychoactive effects.

The herbs inside the bag smell like delectable sweetness—when burned however, this super scent is muted, and more prominent is the smell of burning herbs. The herbs are dry and crunchy; the herb has a very deep coloring that renders it very appealing visually.

Within approximately 5 minutes, visual and audial field enhancement becomes apparent. A tingly sensation that runs from head to toe brings a sense of well being and hint of excitement. This feeling is sustained for approximately half an hour, maybe a little more, before the sensation slowly fades and sedation creeps in. Not a single pinch of this package came close to disappointing me. In fact, King B is of the very best herbal blends I’ve tried to date.



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  1. sam2621589 November 15, 2015 at 10:14 pm

    Never tried King B, maybe I should try them out too. I just got a sample from “Mr.Baggie” have you heard of them? The sample I got is blueberry XXX, it smells amazing, very smooth and strong!

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