Bubblegum Kush review

Bubblegum Kush review

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I have come to appreciate the herbal blend that makes up the Bubblegum Kush. It seems more conducive to proper absorption to maintain potency.

The fragrance of this blend is sweet and not to say bubblegummy. It doesn’t take long for the aroma of Bubblegum Kush to produce very notable euphoric sensations and a full body rush. If you are inclined to rapid heartbeat from burning herbal incense, be warned this may be a strong blend. The sensations are essentially a heightened plateau. A little goes a long way, but for the experienced incense burners out there it’s easy to enjoy this one so much as a tendency to rush through it since it never seems to overwhelm in a negative manner (keeping in mind the anticipated exception of elevated heart rate for those inclined).

I highly recommend that everyone interested give this a shot. There’s a real good chance you’d like to take a step up.


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