Methiopropamine (MPA)

Methiopropamine (MPA), with chemical name N-methyl-1-(thiophen-2-yl)propan-2-amine, molecular formula C8H13NS and CAS number 801156-47-8, is a stimulant drug related to methamphetamine that started selling online in 2010, though it was first synthesized in 1942. It has little known potential health benefits and risks due to short history of human consumption.

Buy JWH sells a limited batch of MPA with 100 percent conformity in structure, but is at least 98 percent pure with tan color. It explains that it is the same with the off-white color variant but offers tan due to a different synthesize route. Current price is from €15.00 per gram *Prices may vary from vendor to vendor.

At Drugs Forum, the research chemical is described to have an off-white powder appearance, which is also a little bit clumpy, has a slight odor of aniseed and has bitterness in taste. The research chemical is taken orally and effects last up to four hours.

A forum user on the same site calling himself ‘n3os3n’with body weight of 165 lbs and height of five feet and 10 inches, revealed he had consumed MPA in a nasal route and effects lasted three hours. He started with 50 mg and re-dosed every 30 minutes (until he reached 250 mg). He noted feeling the drug’s effect for 45 minutes without any main but side effects, including increased heart rate, sweating, light tremors and anxiety. No psychological effects or changes were noted. He concluded by saying that methiopropamine might be useful for an energy boost, but coffee may be a wiser option factoring in the price and the ‘boring’ effects of it.

SDF, in a PDF ‘DrugWatch Information Sheet MPA- Scottish Drugs Forum,’ stated that taking a couple of steps if using MPA can reduce some risk and keep you safe. Control quantities per session, do not use it alone and tell friends what you are consuming. People with mental health issues should avoid it. Finally, they should resist re-dosing for long periods and that they should take breaks in between use to recharge. (Page 5 )

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