Also known as an analogue of AM-2201 or, NM-2201 (Related substance AM-2201), with CAS# 837122-21-7, IUPAC 1-(5-Fluoro-pentyl)-1H-indole-3-carboxylic acid naphthalen-1-yl ester and molecular formula C24H22FNO2, is one of the latest research chemicals on the market.

CBL-2201, another name for NM-2201, is a potent synthetic cannabinoid with Ki values ranging from 1.0 to 2.6 nM for CB1, central cannabinoid, and CB2, peripheral cannabinoid receptors.  Product intended for forensic or research purposes. Buy JWH stated, this product is good for researchers looking for JHW-018 and AM-2201 replacement.

At the time of this review, no actual NM-2201 dosage information has been obtained. But as we always say, keep safe by starting with small dose, trying it in a private place and having a sober friend/sitter to watch over you, if using NNM-2201.

RaverOnARoll at Bluelight.org (reported/published May 19, 2014) narrated his personal story with NM-2201. He said that he received 5mg for research purposes and that it was the best synthetic cannabinoid since JWH-018, having had tried many synthetic ‘noids since their ban. He noted how the RC came on quick and strong, causing him a mild disassociation (as if he was on a low dose of MXE). It seemed to be a strong agonist at both cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2, although RC NM-2201 might not last as long as JWH-018 could, he added. Continuing, he said, his ROA was using the tip of a knife blade to put a small amount of it on top of a hooka charcoal, and then inhaling its smoke with a glass tube. (RaverOnARoll, however, did not mention exact dosage used in this particular review).

What’s your personal story about NM-2201? Feel free starting/joining the conversation by writing your comment below.

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