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Your General Guide to Poppers and Its Effects

Known as a part of club culture in the 70s and 80s and rave scenes in the 90s, poppers were very popular legal highs back then. They are any liquid that belongs to the alkyl nitrite family and mainly used in intensifying a user’s sexual desire (and in enhancing his perception of light and sound in club culture). Poppers come in liquid form with yellowish color and fruity aroma, administered through inhaling a small bottle’s content and available in 10 to 30 ml variations.

But what are the effects of poppers drug?

Based on an excerpt of a review of ‘Ruexperienced’ for poppers at Erowid, he (with a body weight of 180 lbs), revealed that the cognitive effects were much more difficult to describe than the body effects (heart rate increase, blood rush in the head, slight loss of hearing, some dizziness…). For him, poppers cognitive effects involved a feeling of total abandonment, zero inhibitions during sexual climax and lack of reserve.

Now let’s discuss its physical effects further. As published at Poppers Guide, this legal high can increase a user’s heart rate and dilate blood vessels, resulting to rush of blood flow throughout one’s body and brain. Consequently, users can feel the relaxation of soft and involuntary muscles, including those in the anus and vagina (A reason poppers are used for sex preparation).

They can also experience increased touch sensitivity, leading to stimulation and a feeling of lightheadness, resulting from a larger amount of oxygen-carrying blood entering the brain.

Regarding its mental effects, not much has been explained about psychoactive effects due to insufficient research. The lack of interest in this legal high was associated with the low risk and less societal issues that they create as compared to addictive substances.

For decades, users have noted poppers can help them lose inhibitions and feel relaxed as well as it can make them feel as if their environment and everything within it appear bolder and happier—with more substance than ever!

Status: Legal in many countries, not addictive and poppers for sale are marketed as room fresheners, liquid incenses, nail polish removers or leather cleaners.

Poppers are all about ‘intensity,’ and even the nicest, most reserved can be the wildest, most intense persons (with zero inhibitions) under the influence.

Do you have any interesting story to share about poppers (aka gay drug, sex drug, all-purpose legal high)? Share a poppers review with our community in the comment section below.


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