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Poll Speaks on Whether Marijuana Is ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’

As of data released January 8, 2015, there are currently 23 states (and DC) that have legalized marijuana in some forms (medical/recreational use).

In four states, recreational marijuana is permitted, and in Alaska, individuals over 21 years old can buy, possess and transport up to an ounce of it and cultivate up to six plants, while Oregon voters approved possessing up to an ounce and up to eight ounces of it into their homes (*Effective July 1).

But, what is the nation’s pulse in terms of legalizing marijuana?

As of current national survey conducted by Pew Research Center among 1,500 US adults from March 25-29, the tides turned and turned out that 53 percent (a slim majority) now favors cannabis legalization.

According to the same national survey, individuals supporting legalization mentioned of the possible health benefits and said that it is not more dangerous than other drugs are.  On the other side of the coin, opponents cited that cannabis was dangerous for both the society and the people.

In the latest research, those who believe in legalizing cannabis are more likely seeing the drug as beneficial; that about 41 percent of those favoring legalization said marijuana had health benefits; and that 36 percent claimed that the drug was no worse than other types of drugs there are.

Americans have changed their minds.

And joining them is CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, in his notable article “Why I changed my mind on weed,” where he detailed his reasons for believing that marijuana shouldn’t be listed as a Schedule I drug; that cannabis did not have high potential for abuse; and that there were very legitimate medical applications.

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