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A Vendor Asks Donation for Pot at Cannabis Cup (Is It Legal?)

Denver, Colorado—The US Cannabis Cup is at Denver Mart from April 18-20 this year.

Attendees were better off bringing their own (BYOP- bring your own pot) because both Colorado and out-of-state businesses were running low on supplies and samples at the end of Day One after visitors swamped marijuana outlets for either free or paid marijuana samples.

(Wait, is that ‘paid’ sample?)

And one of the longest lines was that of the booth for Kurupt’s Moon Rock that took an unconventional approach (one that is also illegal in Colorado and unregulated in California).

In fact, all that an attendee has to do is to donate $30 before the booth attendant gives him a bandanna and a gram of Moon Rock (what Kurupt claims to be the strongest bud in the galaxy).

Moon Rock buds are coated in hash oil and dusted with kief and are said to cause giggles and to give a heavy head high.

Participants confirmed of the price and the transaction details on Saturday and Sunday.

A  Kurupt’s employee, “Gold Teeth,” detailed things to “The Cannabist” correspondent Jake Browne and admitted that with a $30-donation, an attendee would get a gram and a dab rug.

And when asked about how popular the combo was, he told Browne that they went through two pounds on the first day and noted the product made $25,000. He furthered that they were not planning to run out of Moon Rock anytime soon because they planned in advance.

So if two pounds (454 grams per pound) were to sell, it could make Kurupt a total of $27,240.

But when the law enforcement agency assigned at the Denver Mart was asked if the transactions were legal, the answer was a resounding “No.”

A few days past, The Cannabist asked the public information officer with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Aaron Pataluna about the precarious regulations and laws when it comes to weed sampling at the event (one of the trickiest issues in these very early stages of pot legalization in Colorado). He confirmed that it was the understanding of the Sheriff’s Office that samples given by any out-of-state vendor wouldn’t be a violation of criminal law in the state, unless such a vendor sampled cannabis in exchange of money or as a part of a financial transaction. End of story.


Photo Credit: Weed Maps

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