First Cannabis Plant Now Grows in a Jamaica University’s Ground

First ‘legal’ cannabis plant has been planted on one of Jamaica’s university.

The Jamaican government loosens and allows researchers at the University of West Indies to plant the first-ever cannabis on its ground. According to sources, this move might set the pace of development on legalizing pot in the country.

Marijuana’s new development comes across its amendment of Dangerous Drugs Act 2015 that hopes to develop the medical marijuana industry in Jamaica. Part of it, a license is about to be given to the country’s University of Technology.

According to Philip Paulwell, Jamaica’s science minister, this trial could be the beginning in the commercialization of cannabis. He added that he wanted to know when the studies would start with the experiments and what would be found in the plant. Concluding, he said they had to start that way so that they could set the stage for full cannabis commercialization.

Prior to this latest cannabis development, Jamaica voted in February this year to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana, reflecting the easing of tension between the Rastafari community and the government as well as the softening of penalties for pot possession. The new law is said to mark the beginning of a regulated medical marijuana industry in the country.

However, legislators emphasized that legalization wouldn’t be creating ’free for all’ cannabis in terms of cultivation, transportation and exportation, based on news published at the Guardian entitled ‘Jamaica decriminalizes marijuana’ on February 25.

Jamaica, along with other nations, has started recognizing that the crackdown on cannabis wasn’t the answer for stifling the trafficking and consumption of the drug.

Tidbit: Cannabis was first criminalized in the country, under the Spanish rule, in the 20th century, but while it regained independence in 1962, the laws remained.

Now, let’s see where all these would take the country next. But for the meantime, let your voice be heard and write your comment on this story below (especially if you’re a local).

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