Medical Marijuana

These Scientific Studies on Medical Marijuana Will Blow Your Mind

Now that a new publication, “Nature: Scientific Reports,” is out revealing that marijuana is 114 times safer to use than alcohol (alongside cocaine and heroin), talks about medicinal marijuana health benefits are reopened.

But, what is the real score on medicinal marijuana effects on health (or disease treatment)?


How effective is medicinal marijuana for arthritis? Or does it even work?  A 2006 Rheumatology study funded by GW Pharmaceuticals, makers of Sativex (a marijuana-based medicine for treatment of spasticity because of multiple sclerosis which is also in development in cancer pain and with 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD), found that people who used Sativex experienced significant pain reduction and improved sleep versus people on placebo.


But cannabis may not only work against arthritis and joint pain; in fact, it may also stop the spread of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) with medicinal marijuana HIV. In a June 2014 study, the Louisiana State University journal “AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses,” found that the immune tissue damage to the monkey’s stomachs, common body organs where HIV infection spread, decreased when administered THC (an active cannabis component) daily over a course of 17 months.


Apart from above-mentioned disease-fighting properties of cannabis, medical marijuana for cancer may also be possible, according to certain studies. In fact, a study published in the Anticancer Research journal proved that certain cannabinoids could stop the metastasis action in certain aggressive cancer.

Led by Dr. Wai Liu, researchers studied six various non-psychoactive cannabinoids and found that some non-psychoactive compounds could dramatically reduce cell viability and resulted to simultaneous arrest at all cell cycle phases.


In a similar study of finding out the possibility of medical marijuana for cancer, California Pacific Medical Center researchers discovered that non-psychoactive compounds in cannabis could stop metastasis of aggressive cancer.


While researches are yet to reach conclusions regarding the potentials of cannabis in disease prevention/treatment, the message is clear—medical marijuana may be the answer to healing and treatment (where science failed).


Are you a medical marijuana doctor who would like to share what you know about cannabis efficacy and potency to disease treatment? Become a medical marijuana guide for others by writing your comment/s below.

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