Which Is the Most ‘Productive’ Work Drug?

Who is the most productive drug user group (pot heads, opiod/opiate users or cocaine addicts, etc)? This is an interesting question, yet is a hard one to get a specific answer to as well.

A Drugs Forum user says low-dose opiod and multitasking go hand in hand and that working on repetitive tasks and long shifts can be easier under opiod. Otherwise, work will never get done (*thirdeyelasik). And assuming meth isn’t abused, it can also boost productivity because it is designed for alertness, confidence, focus and decision-making and can last a user for days without sleep and without feeling cracked out, as compared to non-users (*Booty Love).

Based on a factsheet published by NCPIC “Drugs and workplace productivity,” different drugs produce varying side effects and one drug also gives different side effects per individual.

The National Center for Education and Training on Addiction, in 2008, reported that about 2.5 percent of the workforce admitted to be at work while under the influence of drugs. And interestingly, it revealed that major industries, including hospitality reported that 31 percent used illegal drugs; about one-third in the construction and retail; more than a third in the media and trade; and fifteen percent of the general population over the same period in 2007.

There are workers who arrived at work under drug influence and those revealed that it helped them improve functionality, while some used illicit drugs due to addiction.

While the figures showed that the proportion of drug use among workers were relatively low, it also revealed that there was a population using illicit drugs, including methamphetamine to improve their focus, energy at work and confidence, along with productivity. Without even saying, these people use drugs as a means to a desired end and not because of an illicit drug problem.

No matter the reason of illicit drug use, managing workplace drug issue is largely dependent on agreed alcohol and drug policy within an organization. And as revealed in the report and as testified by users, different drugs have different side effects, so to tell whether or not such use boost productivity in the workplace will remain a question. One may be productive under the influence of meth, while another may not be. The same applies to any types of drugs. Therefore, it is not proper to say that drugs have the same impact on an individual’s productivity level.

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